Do you spend too long searching for resources?
Do you want engaging material to support your learners?
Would you like to take back some time for yourself?
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If you are a primary teacher on the look out for engaging resources;

If you would also like to spend less time searching for them;

ShareWithUs Membership is for you.

Membership Benefits:

Resource Collections

All the resources you will need to support learning in and around important dates and popular topics. We do the searching, you access the collection and away you go. Want a collection created?, just ask.


As requested by members; our Google templates save you time by setting you up for all your planning needs. As a google file you can save, alter and use as required while taking advantage of the pre set up and formulated content.

Member Deals

You love engaging resources and we love bringing them to you. Through partnerships with great creators we are able to offer members deals and discounts that will save them both time and money.

Yearly Member

$ 115 per year
  • Resource Collections
  • Planning Templates
  • Member Discounts
  • Request Collections
Save $65*

Monthly Member

$ 15 per month
  • Resource Collections
  • Planning Templates
  • Member Discounts
  • Request Collections

Are you an awesome leader who wishes to sign up 5+ teachers?  please get in touch for a group discount.

Latest Member Content:

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