Ditch the Tumble

and let learner agency take the front seat

Before I tell you all about this life-changing course, let’s talk about who this is really for.  You’re a Year 3-8 teacher who knows there must be a better way.  You love your job but are tired of doing everything FOR your students.  You want a classroom environment where students understand their learning needs and can make choices based on them.  You want a smoother, more connected learning programme, you want more time to teach, and more time for a life outside of teaching.

Ditch the Tumble is an online course to support YOU through the process of ditching your teacher-led learning programme and adopting an approach which encompasses the essence of learner agency.

The course includes;

  • a manageable 1.5 hours of video content (approx)
  • resources such as
    • learning progressions
    • wall displays
    • planning templates
    • ready to go learning tasks,
  • online group support via a closed Facebook Group.
  • regular zoom sessions


By the end of this course, you will have

  • Improved your mindset about how you view teaching and learning.
  • Developed a pathway for supporting learners to understand and act according to their learning needs.
  • Gained strategies for developing self-management amongst learners.
  • Found confidence in a way forward around HOW to provide more agency in your classroom.

Check out this snippet from the course

*Course is now ongoing meaning you can enrol and commence it immediately

*Group support is via closed Facebook Group.

*Regular zoom sessions will take place on Wed/Thur evenings.  A schedule will be provided prior to the commencement of each new term.

*Course access is for ONE teacher, please create a new login/account for each enrolment.

*Course access remains for 12 months.  Facebook group and zoom call access is indefinite (for as long as the course is current).

*Course cost subject to change.

Wishing to enrol multiple teachers and need your school to be invoiced?  Click here to request an invoice.

You are already a great teacher so let me help you be even better.  Let me help you free up your time, engage your learners and allow them to really shine.  You deserve this and so do they!

See you in the course,