Lockdown Learning

Lockdown Learning Collection

Even though being in lockdown is not our ideal teaching environment  there is still some great learning opportunities we can take advantage of.  Heaps and heaps of resources are being created and shared to get students thinking, engaging, creating and learning.

Here at Share With Us we understand it can be time consuming to search for and save all these resources so we have done it for you.  This curated collection contains resources from a range of sources.  We have tried to give credit to the creator wherever known so please reach out and say thank you.  We will endeavour to add to this collection as we become aware of additional resources.  All details correct at the time of being added.

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A FREE collection of ways to utilise Google Classroom along with example resources.

A FREE collection curated during 2020 lockdown full of printable resources.

Huge range of FREE resources in the Top Teaching Tasks Freebie library.  Even better paid resources and membership option.

Mrs Priestly ICT shares a FREE library of Seesaw resources for teachers to push out to students.  Great paid resources also.

Are you in our Resource Sharing Facebook Group?  If not join us and join the sharing.

Activity from Kids Greening Taupo to support nature exploration.

Downloadable PDF resources and online Showcase resources from Te Kura (formally The Correspondance School)

Free to air daily educational programmes.

Steps Web are offering FREE extra logins to NZ Schools.

Epro8 Home Edition.  Enter to Win. Each team/bubble only needs a ream of A4 paper and a roll of sellotape.

FREE Jump Jam videos

Ready to Read titles organaised in Google Slide format. (Credit – Samantha Gilmour

Daily Te Reo Māori Kupu Online Quiz thanks to Kuwi Books.

Ready to Read, Read aloud slides matching the colour wheel.  Google Slides Format.  (Credit-Megan McKenzie Amos)

Lockdown Bingo slideshow to present to your class and 32 individual cards for your students to have a different card each. (Credit – Sarah Frank)

A Google Form Star Wars themed Binary Escape Room.  (Credit – Tracey Pacheco)

A Zoom Background Challenge to support ākonga to add a virtual background.  (Credit – Donna Digital)

A downloadable PDF activity to grow a tea bag garden.  Thanks to Kiwi Conservation Club

Live Kapa Haka for Kids daily via Facebook and Youtube thanks to Whaitiri Poutawa

Downloadable PDF full of engaging activities to do with your class via Zoom.  Thanks to Fairy Dust Teaching.

Huge range of maths games compiled by Marie Hirst

A google site to support students learning of Google Doc skills.  Thanks Donna Golightly. 

A range of bingo task boards.  Digital and non digital boards.  Thanks Paula Jamieson

A challenge each day for 30 days.  Choose from photography, maker, book, mover, and nature.  Thanks Paula Jamieson

Reading Comprehension task based on a Kids News article about TED, who was also featured on the news Editable Google Form format.  Thanks Carol-Lynn Hill.

Darrin is an NZ teacher producing easy to follow science videos via his Facebook Page.

Ideas and resources to support computational thinking skills.

Google Slide full of daily challenges for students.  Thanks Linda Compton

40 outdoor based activities.  Thanks Sparklers

Crowdsources brain puzzles.  Anyone can add to this.  Thanks to Cara MacKenzie.

Google Slide with QR Codes to the Kakano Phonics Plus Books.  Thanks Mary O’Neill

Google Slide with QR Codes to the Seedling/Tupu Phonics Plus Books.  Thanks Mary O’Neill

A Banqer Google Slide resources where students guess & then research different currencies around the world, and plan a trip of their own

Simple ideas and activities for nature connection in your local green space, backyard, or school. Thanks Kids Greening Taupo

Instead of getting you to spot or collect items, this is a scavenger hunt that also requires you to do actions!  Thanks Kids Greening Taupo

Plans with parent notes for both online and offline maths learning for each year level.  Thanks NZ Maths

A google slide template for a generic novel study for students to work through.  Thanks to Miriam Bell.

Google Slide full of great games to play with your class via video conferencing.  Thanks to @sparkles_and_pompoms (TBC)

Some great ideas for at home STEAM learning.  These could be done as a family. Thanks Tracey at Digital Circus

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