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Flexible Learning Collection - Printable Resources

Whether you are wishing to increase the flexibility of your in-class learning programme or for whatever reason need to teach students that are not present at school (school closure, home learning etc) this collection has everything you need. Every resources is available for Free (or part free) and is ready to go immediately. The resources in this collection are aimed at being independent learning activities meaning you can print and provide to children for work at their own pace in whichever environment needed.

What else is cool about this collection? There are a large number of NEW ZEALAND resource creators features! Use their free stuff and if you like it show your support by purchasing a resource also.

A personal disclaimer: I am not advocating for structured academic learning at home. In fact, I advocate for quite the opposite. This collection is about sharing resources that could work in any sort of flexible learning environment, be in school or home. There is a time and place for ‘worksheet’ type activities and this collection contains a combination of worksheets and less structured activities.

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Above resources all correct and free at time of curation but subject to change.

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