From time to time I like to type up my views on certain areas I am passionate about.  Take a read, you might learn something, or you might simply enjoy my ramblings.    Kate

Why Don’t Teachers Share More?

Why Don’t Teachers Share More? I mean we all want to see all students succeed. Kate Friedwald  |  Dec 2018 We are not a competitive industry, well if we are we shouldn’t be.  I know it might not always be that black and white with private and special character schools in the mix, funding to vie for, staffing levels to

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No End of Year Prizegiving.

No end of year prizegiving. A look at Silverdale School’s recent decision. Kate Friedwald  |  Nov 2018 I’ve been asked my opinion a few times now around Silverdale School no longer handing out end of year awards for academic achievement. I usually refrain from commenting on these matters as it can be so easy to have your words skewed by

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Planning With Google

Planning With Google Kate Friedwald  |  Oct 2018 As a student teacher I dreamed of the day I’d have my own black planning folder sitting on my desk, looking pretty with each week planned and colour coded according to curriculum area. I am still waiting actually as this wasn’t something my school handed out upon employment.  I quickly understood why

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My Take on ILEs

My Take on ILEs Kate Friedwald  |  July 2018 There has and continues to be much, mostly negative, media around Innovative Learning Environments.  How they are a repeat of the open plan initiative, using kids as guinea pigs, too loud, an excuse for higher class numbers etc etc.  I often find myself in conversations around this topic as well as

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5 Reasons to use Book Creator in the Classroom

5 Reasons to use Book Creator in the Classroom Kate Friedwald  |  June 2018 Back in 2013 I began using Book Creator with my Year 5/6 class.  I can’t remember who or how I was introduced, but it’s safe to say I have been a fan ever since!  Now as a facilitator it has become one of the top resources

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